The Intranet is a new concept that allows SRN Agents to connect virtually to information, files, contacts, and other SRN Agents. Agents can access this tool from anywhere in the world.

SRN Agents will now be able to Easily Access all the Real Estate Tools they need on a daily basis.

  • MLS Access
  • Email Access
  • Download Files
  • Contacts
  • Market Updates
  • Listings
  • Company Events and News
  • Preferred Vendors
  • Useful Links
  • Merchandise
  • Facebook Group


We help develop a brand for your Business. You benefit from our brand but we also want you to have your own unique brand to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

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We help you develop a website for your business. We have access to thousands of powerful domain names to hep you generate leads quickly and efficiently.

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We train you to aggressively attack the marketplace and dominate in your area of expertise. We offer ongoing support and inspire the motitivation you need to help you succeed.

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