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Asking Price Realty, a New York based Real Estate brokerage firm that provides a unique opportunity for any Real Estate Agent looking to gain exposure throughout our network utilizing Pure Generic domain names and websites.

Our .com’s ( dot com) are a natural URL. A significant amount of our potential visitors each month visit our .com brands directly without the assistance of a search engine or other advertisement.

Not just Another
Realestate Company


Our Services


We help you develop a website for your business. We have access to thousands of powerful domain names to hep you generate leads quickly and efficiently. Real...

Our Training

We train you to aggressively attack the marketplace and dominate in your area of expertise. We offer ongoing support and inspire the motivation you need to help...


We help develop a brand for your Business. You benefit from our brand but we also want you to have your own unique brand to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Our...

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