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There are many steps that you can take as a real estate agent to improve your marketing efforts, generate more leads and ultimately close more deals. The first step in the sales process involves generating more leads, and with many buyers and sellers using the Internet to search for properties as well as real estate agents, your online marketing efforts should be a prime focus of your attention. You may not realize it, but your online domain is a critical factor in your efforts to generate great results through online marketing, and our team at Asking Price Realty will select the right domain name for you. In fact, our domain name portfolio has several great domain names available for you to begin using immediately.

Why “City.com”, “CityHomes.com” or “CityRealEstate.com” Sites are so Powerful

NATURAL BRANDS – Because our visitors know the name of our brands a major source of our traffic is from direct visitors. With this direct “type-in” traffic, our brands deliver qualified traffic without having to be over dependent on the Search Engines.

RELEVANT CONTENT – Search Engine traffic is still critical and natural URL’s with relevant content rank high for users searching for specific terms.

BRAND RECOGNITION, LOYALTY & TRUST – When users do see links that include the natural “City.com”, “CityHomes.com” or “CityRealEstate.com” address, they are more likely to click and visit that site. And once they get there, they are more likely to trust the information they see from the “City.com”, “CityHomes.com” or “CityRealEstate.com” site.

QUALIFIED TRAFFIC – When people come to a “City.com”, “CityHomes.com” or “CityRealEstate.com” site, they come with the purpose of seeking out local real estate. Therefore, they have a high-propensity to use the site for taking action and are not simply attracted by a celebrity or breaking news story as they are too many news or entertainment-based sites.

CITY DIRECTORY – Much like a search engine, but specific to specific places, our sites include a comprehensive City Directory for local businesses that is easy to navigate and provides detailed listings that both locals and travelers are looking for.

The Importance of the Domain Name

The domain name that we will choose to use for your online marketing efforts ultimately will impact your rankings on search engines. More than that, it will affect your branding and your overall image. For example, think about the difference between two domain names currently available to you through Asking Price Realty, and these are BaysideHomes.com and HiddenPlaces.com. Both utilize effective keywords in the domain and are easy for your clients to remember, but both appeal to different target audiences.

The Easy Solution

With how important the selection of a domain name is for your business’s success, you may understandably feel intimidated about making a suitable selection. At Asking Price Realty, we already have many premium domain names available for you to choose from, and you simply have to partner with us to have access to them. You do not have to worry about trying to come up with a creative, effective name or trying to determine which domains are available because we have done the work for you.

If you are ready to see an improvement with your online marketing efforts or if you are a new agent who is just starting out, Asking Price Realty can help you to improve your online marketing efforts with the selection of a great domain name. You can easily learn more about our website services and other services we offer that can help you to achieve great results by contacting our office today and requesting a consultation with us.

Branding an agent is our passion. We know the importance of Brandability, we put little emphasis on the name of our company, and more emphasis promoting your brand. Your Brand is Yours and no one else can have it or use it. Imagine telling a client that you will showcase their property exclusively on your site QueensHomes.com, this is another example of available domain names to be branded as, or imagine you’re a team with another Agent and we brand you as JustSoldTeam.com, we hope you see the value.

Currently we have brands that are available for our agents to use and showcase to potential buyers or sellers.

AskingPrice.com – the #1 real estate platform for listing homes for sale. We’ll get you asking price for your property.

SRN.com – the perfect market place for buyers searching properties to buy in New York, Miami and Punta Pacifica Panama.

25Days.com – A Guaranteed Program that we offer, you’ll learn more about this program when you join us.

FreshMeadows.com – A complete business directory with an IDX feed for the Fresh Meadows zip codes to stream live feed from MLS.

JamaicaEstates.com – A complete directory and community site for the Jamaica Estates neighborhood with an IDX feed.

KewGardens.com – A complete directory and community site for the Kew Gardens neighborhood with an IDX feed.

KewGardensHills.com – A complete directory and community site for the Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood with an IDX feed.

Douglaston.com – A complete directory and community site for the Douglaston neighborhood with an IDX feed.

EastElmhurst.com – A complete directory and community site for the East Elmhurst neighborhood with an IDX feed.

NewRochelle.com – community site for the New Rochelle neighborhood.

EastMeadow.com – community site for the East Meadow neighborhood.

RockvilleCentre.com – community site for the Rockville Centre neighborhood.

RoslynHeights.com – community site for the Roslyn Heights neighborhood.

Plainview.com – community site for the Plainview neighborhood.

EastRockaway.com – community site for the East Rockaway neighborhood.

Searingtown.com – community site for the Searingtown neighborhood.

GreenwichVillage.com – community site for the Greenwich Village neighborhood.

ParkSlope.com – community site for the Park Slope neighborhood.

Gravesend.com – community site for the Gravesend neighborhood.

SunsetPark.com – community site for the Sunset Park neighborhood.

SpringfieldGardens.com – community site for the Springfield Gardens neighborhood.

Ellenville.com – community site for the Ellenville neighborhood.

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